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Children's Classes

Pre-Ballet & Primary Ballet

In Pre-Ballet, dancers learn basic ballet steps and discover movement, musicality, and body awareness, while learning listening and social skills, and discipline in a fun way. As with all of our classes, children will experience the adventure of dancing on stage in our spring performance. Children must be fully potty-trained before enrolling.

Primary Ballet teaches ballet fundamentals and terminology, as well as coordination, musicality, and body awareness. Dancers enjoy the excitement of participating in our spring performance.


Our ballet classes range from beginner to professional levels. We place students in an appropriate class level based on their abilities so they are sufficiently challenged, and enhance their skills in an efficient, but more importantly, an enjoyable way. We understand that not all dancers have had many years of training, and we welcome new students. Classes are taught in a non-competitive atmosphere, with emphasis placed on correct terminology and execution. Our instructors cover a large scope of educational backgrounds with knowledge of the major training techniques.

Jazz & Hip Hop

Proudly originating in New Orleans, Jazz is a style of dance seen in many Broadway shows such as “Chicago” and even “Wicked.” Jazz dance is entertaining to watch, fun to perform, and features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps, and turns. Jazz enhances a dancer's coordination, poise, and balance, among many other things, and has many variations, such as Hip Hop.


Tap teaches dancers movement based on rhythm and musicality through quick, syncopated footwork. Tap combines movement with percussive steps, upper body action, and choreography ranging from a stylized, Broadway-style tap to a funky, street-style rhythm tap.

"The teachers and staff at New Orleans Dance Academy are serious and professional, warm and caring. The costumes for the recital are without equal - we will treasure ours forever. My daughter's experience at the studio has given her an appreciation for the beauty and grace of dance and dancers that will last a lifetime." - Annie Goldman

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Learn various styles, including ballet, flamenco, jazz, tap, and hip hop. All levels of dancers are welcome.


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